Internship report by Catherine Larkin

The third in a series of reports by AusOcean summer interns. Catherine, a repeat intern, has described her internship in poetry.

Helping the oceans through tech is our aim, changing the way we do science, our claim to fame.

Assembling and deploying Network Blue, Windara reef, the first of many locations, to make its debut.

Modelled on Alan’s favourite boat the catamaran, the rig is designed to have a long lifespan.

A floating platform, 2 hulls, and a mast with a light, withstanding the elements, flashing brightly at night.
The largest oyster restoration project in Australia, our aim to restore the oceans, and make right to past time failures. Monitoring the lost oysters of SA is no easy feat, the ocean has no mercy, days on the water can be bleak.

The sea really is the best office though, nothing like the sun, the wind, that beautiful ocean glow.

Off to Kangaroo Island AusOcean goes, through backstairs passage, 2m swells & dolphins in tow.

Two week-long dive trips exploring the wonders of Smith Bay,
beneath the surface, underwater,  we would work and play.

A towable camera sled built and deployed, live footage to the surface, we were overjoyed.

Kelp forests to sponge gardens & fish galore, Smith Bay is diverse, so much to explore.

A 2m tall coral, Granny Smith, she would be called, the most magnificent sight, she would keep us enthralled.
Kangaroo Island truly is a magical paradise,
SA’s tourism gem, no need to tell us twice.

AusOcean will return, much work is left to do, If one thing is for sure, we love the vast deep blue.