AusOcean's underwater streams rake in 18,000 hours of global engagement

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to spend years immersed in the aquatic wonders of the ocean without ever coming up for air? With AusOcean's captivating underwater streams, thousands across the globe have been doing just that - albeit digitally.

Stony Point, Edithburgh and Rapid Bay all located in South Australia – each with its unique marine allure – have had people glued to their screens. Together, viewers have logged a mind-bending 18,515 hours of watch time. To put that into perspective, it’s like delving underwater and not emerging for over 2 years! Yes, two entire years of uninterrupted marine marvels!

And who’s watching, you ask? It's a student in India feeling the same thrill as a retiree in Canada. It's an artist seeking inspiration in the UK, sharing the same moment with a marine enthusiast in Thailand. From the vast deserts of Saudi Arabia to the bustling streets of the US, from the serene landscapes of Myanmar to the dynamic energy of Brazil, our live streams have stitched together a tapestry of global viewership.

As we navigate these watery realms, we're not just witnessing the wonders of the deep. We’re also celebrating a shared human curiosity and connection that spans continents. With every passing hour, we add to this global tale of wonder and exploration.

A significant pillar of this global tale is AusOcean's camera technology. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also holds its own against the rigors of the marine environment. It isn't mere technology; it symbolizes a staunch dedication. A commitment to democratize access to the wonders of the ocean, ensuring it’s within reach for all.

The importance of low-cost open-source ocean technology cannot be emphasized enough. In an age where understanding and conserving marine ecosystems is paramount, such technology is a beacon. It ensures that the beauty and mysteries of the oceans are not just limited to researchers and professionals. Instead, it becomes a shared global resource, fostering awareness, education, and collaboration.

Join us in this continuous dive. Let's together add more hours, days, and years to this oceanic odyssey! Dive in, and let's make every second count.

AusOcean is a not-for-profit ocean research organisation that supports open source practices. Open source approaches to tackling environmental issues means embracing collaborative tools and workflows which enables processes and progress to be fully transparent. A critical aspect of working open is sharing data not only with your immediate team but with others across the world who can learn, adapt and contribute to collective research. By contributing to, and supporting open practices within the scientific community, we can accelerate research and encourage transparency. All tech assembly guides can be found at

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