Australian Giant Cuttlefish
Welcome to the official blog of the Australian Ocean Laboratory or AusOcean. We're a new non-profit organization with the mission of advancing and sharing knowledge of the oceans. Actually, we're so new, we're not even incorporated yet - but we will be!

So why AusOcean? We know that healthy oceans are vital to our future. Oceans harbour beautiful wildlife, provide a bounty of food, regulate the global climate, soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and provide many other benefits, such as transportation and recreation. Yet, considering the fact that they cover 71% of our planet's surface, our knowledge of the oceans and marine ecosystems is still surprisingly sparse. Our mission at AusOcean is to apply technology to learn more about about the oceans, and to share that information far and wide via the Internet. We believe that widespread dissemination of information about the oceans can only be a good thing.

This blog will chronicle the AusOcean story from our humble beginnings. Our journey starts here today.