First rig deployed

Yesterday the AusOcean crew returned to Windara Reef to deploy our first "rig", the surface component of our planned underwater network.

As you can see from the photo, the rig is a pontoon/catamaran design. It carries dual 40W PV arrays, 20Ah of batteries and supports a bright yellow mast, made from PVC tube. At the top of the mast is an acrylic dome housing a camera and bright yellow LED navigation lights. The mast is stayed by four metal guy wires. The top (bulging) part of the mast is designed to accommodate the onboard computer and communications equipment,

The rig is not currently collecting data. This initial phase, will (hopefully) demonstrate the rig's seaworthiness. Assuming all goes to plan, we will return to the site to upgrade the rig's equipment in about four weeks.

PS A special thanks for James Well local Lindsay for again providing the use of his boat.